The Power Of Components

Woodelin florveus
2 min readMar 9, 2021


Think of components like small pieces to a bigger outcome.

When using React components play a big part in how your web application. Components are useful in React because they are like small packages that keep everything organizes down to the boilerplate. Most of these modules will be imported ounce written down as a file. Nine times out of 10 when using components, you will be passing down data, which are known as props. This makes your job and life a little easier. Based on my experience props are useful and helpful to isolate and manipulate data as best as you can.

Before starting to React it's best that you have a good understanding of javascript. The reason for this is because most components are written like a function.

Once this particular step is mastered you are one step closer to rendering your first component. Good news if you are comfortable with Es6 classes it’s more than possible for you to write your component in such a manner. For example

Let’s get ready to renderrrrr. To render your first component on your web application you have to remember React takes in JSX. This language stands for “Javascript XML”, which makes it easy for React to take in Html and render your app correctly. Usually, if it’s more than one line your component will have to take in a return, parenthesis, and a div. The order renders from top to bottom making it easy to render your application. For example

Enough talking, for now, try rendering your first component.